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Titanic Questions & Answers

What are the causes of Titanic to sink?
The primary factor involved the ship's collision with a massive iceberg. The ship had been billed as 'unsinkable' due to sixteen compartments that were believed to be watertight. When the ship struck the iceberg, six of those compartments were damaged and the ship began to take on water very rapidly.

When did the Titanic sink?
The ship struck a massive iceberg late on the night of April 14, 1912. It took approximately 3 hours for the entire ship to sink. The Titanic became completely submerged about 2:45 AM on the morning of April 15, 1912.

Where did the Titanic sink?
The Titanic sank in the Atlantic Ocean , having covered half of her trans-Atlantic crossing. The remains of the Titanic were eventually located approximately 13 miles southeast of the location of her last distress call. This distance contributed to part of the difficulty in locating the Titanic, which was finally discovered in 1985.

What did the Titanic look like?
The Titanic was 882 feet and 8 inches long (268 meters) and weighed over 46,000 tons. The ship was approximately 11 stories high. The majority of the ship was painted with a glossy black, while the hull trim was painted white.

Where was the Titanic bound for?
The Titanic departed Southampton, England; made two port calls (one in France and another in Ireland) and was bound for New York.

What is the specific location of the Titanic?
The Titanic is located 1000 miles due east of Boston, Massachusetts and 375 miles southeast of St. John's, Newfoundland. The ship is located approximately 3,925 meters below sea.

How many people survived the Titanic?
The exact number of survivors tends to vary, however the most common reported number is 705.

How many passengers were on board the Titanic?
Of the 2,228 people on board the ship; 1,343 of them were passengers and 885 were crew members. There were only enough lifeboats on board the ship to hold 1,178 people. A number of the lifeboats were lowered at less than full capacity, resulting in a significantly smaller survivor number.

What ship building company built the Titanic?
The Titanic was constructed by Harland and Wolf in Belfast, Ireland.

Was the Titanic a British ship or an American ship?
Although a number of prominent American families were aboard the ocean liner, the Titanic was a British ship.

How much did it cost to build the Titanic?
It cost $7,500,000 to build the Titanic. Today it would cost an estimated $400,000,000

When was the Titanic built?
The Titanic was on her maiden voyage when she sank in 1912. Construction began on the ship on March 31, 1909.

How long did it take to build the Titanic?
It took 3 years to completely construct and outfit the Titanic.


Deviki @ Viki August 16, 2009 at 11:08 PM  

you know i don't mind the ship sink it was sad but it was not as sad as people who died when it sinked ...truly tragic incident

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